Taupe Brown and White Sides Cowhide Rug - 7.9 ft x 6.6 ft - Natural - Genuine Cowhide

Brand New, Width: 7.9 ft Height: 6.6 ft, XX-Large


List price: $549.00

Highlights about Taupe Brown and White Sides Cowhide

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  • Perfect shape and size for any living room
  • 7.9 ft x 6.6 ft (95 x 80 Inch)
  • Excellent A+ Quality

Authentic and Genuine Cowhide Taupe Brown and White Sides Cowhide
Taupe Brown and White Sides Cowhide Rug will sweep you off your feet because of its modern design that will also compliment a rustic or traditional home. When it comes to cowhide rugs, CowHidesRugs.com surpasses with great designs and amazing variety. Even placed in high traffic areas, this cowhide rug will come out the topper because it is durable and stain resistant! Each cowhide has its own markings and brandings that make it one of kind.

You can use the rug as a wall hanging to create a bold effect. You'll be tempted to walk over the rug bare feet just to feel its silky softness. This rug is a natural product therefore please allow for slight differences in color, size and markings. Aesthetically pleasing, Taupe Brown and White Sides Cowhide Rug can adorn your walls or floor with equal aplomb.

Every cow is unique and so is every hide with us. Our products are naturally processed without any chemical modifications. When you chose a natural hide from our website, we strive to bring you the closest match possible to your requested pattern and color. We also make sure you like the hide before shipping it to you, so that you are entirely satisfied with what you are buying.

Key Features of the Taupe Brown and White Sides Cowhide:

  • Durability: Lasts for years and can be passed through generations.
  • Excellent Quality: Handpicked and perfectly tanned to prevent odors and shedding
  • Supple: Soft to touch indicating superior quality
  • Even Outside Shape: Lays flat on the floor without curling

  • Quality

    We have sold hundreds of cowhides, most of our repeat customers are designers who would not buy again if they were not buying quality

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