Light Camel Color Zebra Print Cowhide Rug - 5 ft x 5.3 ft - Animal Print - Genuine Cowhide

Brand New, Width: 5 ft x Height: 5.3 ft, Medium


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Highlights about Light Camel Color Zebra Cowhide

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  • Perfect shape and size for any living room
  • 5 ft x 5.3 ft (60 x 64 Inch)
  • Premium A+ Quality

Authentic and Genuine Cowhide Light Camel Color Zebra Cowhide - Animal Print (Zebra pattern printed on cowhide)

Bring warmth and a dash of beauty into your home with our CamelCowhide Rug. Place it as a centerpiece or just beautify an old lounge chair with this Camel Chowhide rug. provides naturally durable Argentinean cowhides that last for many years to come. Made from excellent leather, our unique cowhides can be used as a rugs, wall hangings, throws or furniture coverings.

This rug has a natural gloss and softness and is durable and easy to clean allowing you to use the rug even in high traffic areas. Our manufacturers at use the perfect tanning treatments, which ensure that there is no shedding or unpleasant odors. As this a natural product, the actual colors, size and pattern of the product may vary.

Every cow is unique and so is every hide with us. Our products are naturally processed without any chemical modifications. When you chose a natural hide from our website, we strive to bring you the closest match possible to your requested pattern and color. We also make sure you like the hide before shipping it to you, so that you are entirely satisfied with what you are buying.

Key Features of the Light Camel Cowhide Rug:

  • Durability:Superior quality material makes it durable and easy to clean
  • Extremely Supple:Comes with natural gloss and softness, which indicates superior quality cowhide
  • Good Quality Chemicals: No unpleasant odors as with poor cowhides
  • No Cigaring: Lays flat on the floor without curling

  • Quality

    We have sold hundreds of cowhides, most of our repeat customers are designers who would not buy again if they were not buying quality

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    We ship everything SAME BUSINESS DAY and FREE so all our product prices are the final price, no hidden fees or last minute surprise

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