Cowhide Pillow Covers

Cowhide pillow covers are made with natural hair-on-hide leather and offer a unique and luxurious design accent for any decorative style. We offer many types of cowhide pillow covers including the classic natural cowhide design, animal print cowhide design, zebra print cowhide design, and even our creative patchwork cowhide design. Cowhide pillows offer durability second to none making them resistant to many stains and spills. With a very inexpensive price our cowhide pillows will make a stylish addition to your home or office décor for many years to come.


Cowhide pillow covers come in 3 sizes (16" x 16" - 18" x 18" - 20" x 20") adding charm and fashion to your couches. If you cannot find the perfect cowhide pillow cover for your décor, please email us a picture of what you are looking for. We can typically provide a very competitive price for almost any design!