Brown & White

The combination of brown and white colors creates a subtle and warm environment. Brown and white cowhide pillows usually accentuate a focal point in your living room or office space. Whether you’re opting for new furniture or revamping your apartment space, brown and white cowhide pillows boost the entire atmosphere of your home from ‘boring’ to ‘tranquility’.

Brown and white cowhide pillows would richly complement a lush bedroom with gold and brown color combinations. Most cowhide pillows and rugs can enhance cowboy or chic interior settings. You can also your personal style to your space and go for cowboy-chic interiors or traditional themes with contemporary furniture. Make it more masculine by adding these cowhide pillows with leather furniture, wooden floors and decors. Get away from the usual and turn to upscale chic environment by throwing in some of these pieces for a more contemporary ambiance.

Using only selected cowhide material, brown and white cowhide pillows are handmade by the skilled craftsmen from Argentina. Unlike synthetic pillows, these pieces are hypoallergenic and easy to clean.

Get creative and add your own personality with these pillows! Brown and white cowhide pillows are available in a variety of designs and sizes.