Cowhide items such as rugs, throws and pillows are versatile accessories you can add to your office space or living room. The variety of designs and prints available makes this such an interesting accessory that it can also serve as a focal piece for most interior concept.

Brindle cowhide pillow have a wide range of designs, color combination and shades to suit your preference. Dark brown and white or black and dark brown combinations may serve as a suitable accent for modern or classic contemporary themes, which leans more on the black, white or neutral shades. And brindle cowhide pillow would make a bold piece to accentuate the whole theme. Classic European themes usually use deep wood shades and elegant furnishings, so choosing brindle cowhide pillow with dark shades should enrich the deep tones in this kind of theme.

Brindle cowhide pillow is made from cowhide material made by the finest Argentinian artisans. Natural cowhide material is selected for durability and quality to ensure you’re getting the most of this artwork. It’s hypoallergenic and easier to clean than synthetic rugs.

Stylish, sleek, bold or complementary, brindle cowhide pillow is an exceptional addition to make any space stand out.