Black & White

Black and white themes are the most versatile colors to work with. Interior designers opting for a more subtle yet chic setting will likely use these two. Not only that, black and white will also complement most modern interiors and furnishings. And what better way to add glam and personality to your space than having black and white cowhide pillows!

Black and white cowhide pillows come in a variety of design and color coordination. Depending on your style, the black and white combination of each pillow is unique. However, if you’re aiming for a cowboy-chic interior, then having your pick in any of these black and white cowhide pillows will complement its environment. If you’re opting for a more eclectic pattern, then these patterns will add texture to your space.

Stylish and flexible, black and white cowhide pillows can turn your ordinary space into a luxurious living room or traditional stylish chic apartment.

Black and white cowhide pillows are made from quality cowhide material and handmade by the finest Argentinian artisans. Guaranteed comfortable, safe, durable and stain resistant, each pillow is made to withstand everyday wear and tear.